Mom Behind the Business: Jasmine Hartfield - FIT4MOM Birmingham

It's Week 5 of our “Mom Behind the Business” series featuring local MOM business owners! Each Monday we bring a new Mom Business Owner to the table for a little Q&A to gain some insight into her business and the advice she can pass on to other mamas.

This week we interviewed Jasmine Hartfield - the healthy/fit/inspiring mama behind FIT4MOM Birmingham in Birmingham, AL. We are beyond excited Jasmine is bringing FIT4MOM to the Birmingham area - all the mamas are truly in for a treat!

What is your business?

FIT4MOM Birmingham provides fitness and community for Moms in all stages of motherhood in the Birmingham & surrounding area.

How did you get started?

A very dear friend shared a business idea that I could never get off of my mind!  For nearly a year I dreamed of sharing how health and community impacts my life and could not shake the desire to make sure every mom in my community knew what was available to them.  As a Registered Nurse, I have experienced first hand how education and prevention impacts wellbeing.  I desire to support Moms and build a community where we are accepted and thrive.  Sometimes we need a friend to remind us that “It’s ok.  Baby steps.  YOU GOT IT”. I want to see all the moms and be their girl.  I want to meet Moms where they are.

Why do you do it?

My passion is to support and encourage Moms to focus on their health and well-being.  Being a mom is one of the most beautiful gifts God has given us.  So much is required and often times the needs of our family are our utmost priority. I want moms to feel encouraged, inspired and give themselves grace as we honor our bodies and take care of ourselves.  This self care delivers a long lasting impact.  And the opportunity to thrive within a community of moms where there really is strength is motherhood is very unique.  

What are your most inspiring/motivating moments in business?

So far, watching moms smile.  Crying on my walks/drives home from class reflecting on how much we accomplished together.  Moms showing up and giving me the opportunity to support them.  Dreaming of the progress.  Looking back at my goal sheets and to do list and realizing that I actually did the things that felt were impossible at the time.  I will say the most

Inspiring moments are watching my baby girl move her body so gracefully.  She is full of joy.  I watch her and realize that she is mimicking me.  She wants to be like me.  She is proud of her Momma and she is excited... that makes me cry.

One piece of advice for moms starting a business?

Remember what your priorities are! Remember your WHY and do not be afraid to be vulnerable as you serve.

Anything else you want us to know?

Serving Moms and knowing that people TRUST you is an Honor.  Thank you Mommas.

You can find FIT4MOM Birmingham on instagram @fit4mombirmingham, Facebook @fit4mombirmingham or online at

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