Mom Behind the Business: Amy Edgerton - a.edge designs

Updated: May 27, 2020

Welcome to Week 2 of our “Mom Behind the Business” series featuring local MOM business owners! Each Monday we bring a new Mom Business Owner to the table for a little Q&A to gain some insight into her business and the advice she can pass on to other mamas.

This week we interviewed Amy Edgerton - the fabulous mama behind a.edge designs in Homewood, AL. Amy was on our list to interview from day 1, but she was also the first Mom Behind the Business to be nominated by someone else!

Amy's friend said:

As long as I've known Amy she has had the gift of making people laugh. She is an Occupational Therapist who is passionate about caring for her patients, a talented jewelry designer, a wife and a wonderful mom of two children. She is beautiful on the inside and out and would be well deserving of this spotlight!!

What is your business?

My business is called a.edge designs. It is a jewelry business based out of my home.

How did you get started?

After I had children, I realized that I needed to decrease my work hours as an Occupational Therapist so I would have more time to manage my growing family at home. I began exploring different ways I could work from home as well, but nothing seemed to spark my interest. I was shopping one day and noticed a pair of earrings I liked, but I didn’t love the price tag. I have always loved projects and creating things, so I thought to myself “I think I could make those.”  I did a little research, bought a few supplies and began making them for friends or giving them as gifts. It wasn’t until almost a year after I began making them that I realized that this is what I have been hoping and praying for. This was the way I could work from home and still be able to juggle family life. On June 29, 2018, I posted my first picture on Instagram and a.edge was born!

Why do you do it?

I love the creative and design process!  I love sitting down in my studio, playing music and getting in my zone. I find it relaxing and I can do it for hours. I actually crave time to just be alone and go into my creative zone!

What are your most inspiring/motivating moments in business?

I have been so inspired and motivated by other small business owners. There are so many amazing and talented moms who pour their hearts into their businesses. I love that we all support each other in so many ways and motivate each other to keep going in good times and in the not so great times. I am truly thankful to call them my friends now too!

One piece of advice for other moms dreaming of starting a business?

Find something that you love and build your business around that passion. Also, don’t be afraid to put yourself out there. You just have to take a deep breath and go for it!

To check out Amy's work, shop or schedule an in home show, you can find her on Instagram at and Facebook at

Do you have a Mom business owner you’d like to nominate? Email us at!

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