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Updated: May 27, 2020

Welcome to Week 3 of our “Mom Behind the Business” series featuring local MOM business owners! Each Monday we bring a new Mom Business Owner to the table for a little Q&A to gain some insight into her business and the advice she can pass on to other mamas.

This week we interviewed Alex Sasser - the super organized TWIN mama behind Organize Bham in Birmingham, AL. We love scrolling her Instagram feed - it just looks so relaxing and refreshing! And we can't wait to have her come help sort through some of our clutter once quarantine is over!

What is your business?

Organize BHAM helps bring order and lessen stress in the home.

How did you get started?

After my twins were born, I immediately went into depression. They were born two months early and lived in the hospital for fifty six days. I would go home everyday without my babies, and it was completely life altering. All new moms dream of this beautiful time with their children and I did not have that. On top of all that, my house quickly became cluttered with stuff I wasn’t using, which left me feeling anxious because I wasn’t used to having a messy home.⁣

One day, I opened my eyes and asked myself why I had all of this. Why do I have five different swaddles? Why do I have three different brands of bottles I don’t use? No wonder I felt overwhelmed, confused, and lost. I knew something had to change. ⁣

24 hours later, I tore my house upside down. I cleaned out every closet, cabinet, and room in our house. AND I changed our habits. Now when a pair of leggings gets a hole, they immediately get thrown away. When my boys outgrow clothing, it immediately gets moved into the donate box. When the boys receive presents, they get some then, and some get put into toy rotation for a rainy day.⁣

Why do you do it?

Because of my past personal experience of having so much stuff I wasn’t using or didn’t need, I now feel called to help others. I know not everyone has the time. I know not everyone has the energy. I know not everyone might understand where to start. Organize BHAM can be your solution.

What are your most inspiring/motivating moments in business?

I know I have been called to help others when moms text me the next day thanking me for creating a lunch routine that took one minute instead of five. Or when a grandmother calls me and says she can now clearly find all of her hair products because everything is in one place and labeled.

One piece of advice for moms starting a business?

Find your tribe. You’ll need someone to bounce ideas around and trade stories. Your husband might not want to hear everything, so find a group of gals who can be your go-to buddies. Trade secrets, celebrate one another, and learn from each other!

Anything else you want us to know?

Find us on instagram @organizebham or

I would love to hear from you, and chat about how I can help!

Do you have a Mom business owner you’d like to nominate? Email us at!

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