Mom Behind the Business: Afsheen Ali - Blo Blow Dry Bar Homewood

It's time for another week of our “Mom Behind the Business” series featuring local MOM business owners! We're bringing a new Mom Business Owner to the table for a little Q&A to gain some insight into her business and the advice she can pass on to other mamas.

This week we interviewed Afsheen Ali - the mama behind Blo Blow Dry Bar in Homewood, AL. Afsheen is so passionate about her work in making other women feel beautiful. We love her passion and are inspired by her fighting spirit!

In addition to Afsheen's Mom Behind the Business Feature, we also wanted to highlight a #MomsInRealLife moment for Afsheen. Afsheen was diagnosed with Covid-19 months ago and has been experiencing what is referred to as "Long Hauler" symptoms leaving her with chronic immobility in her legs and feet. Read to the bottom for a mother/daughter moment that really spoke to us!

What is your business?

Blo Blow Dry Bar - Homewood.

How did you get started?

I moved from Seattle 10 years ago after I met my husband online (yes, apparently online dating works! 🤗). When I first moved, I had a huge culture shock, but I can now say I am most comfortable living in this beautiful city I call home. I worked in corporate world for over 10 years before finally having the courage to take the leap and do what I always wanted to do - run my own business.

Why do you do it?

I am obsessed with everything hair and beauty; a perfect blow out in particular, so owning a blow dry business came perfectly natural and fitting to start in Birmingham.

What are your most inspiring/motivating moments in business?

I love and I can’t emphasize that enough - LOVE making people, that’s YOU, look and feel beautiful. Glamming up is great for events but it’s also important we understand the value of self-care which includes hair care and I take it up in all my marketing efforts to educate and help people learn on how to best keep their hair healthy and looking good. Good hair 👏. Good mood 👏. Good days 👏.

Anything else you want us to know?

I have 2 kids; 21 year old young man and 8 year old sassy daughter. In my free time, I work. I run and operate Blo myself, hence, I am everything from manager to marketeer to janitor. I have a fantastic team of stylists and makeup artists who do the real work making all hair and beauty dreams possible for our guests. I have plans of opening 2 more locations in Birmingham!

#MomsInRealLife Moment:

Afsheen shared this post recently that spoke so loudly to our mom heart. <3

"Mishel has been coming to me, kissing me and saying I love you, without exaggeration, at least 50-60 times a day. She spends most of her time with me, by my side and often likes to hold my hand and kiss it multiple times. She’s been helping me get water, food and even stuff I don’t ask for like chocolates and chips. I thought she has something up her sleeve or it’s another suck up to get a puppy so I asked her, what’s up Mishel? You ok? Why all the sudden love? She goes - mom you’ll be ok very soon.
She’s probably so scared and doesn’t even know how to express. Sometimes I wonder if she can hear my fears when they are screaming like my demons in my own head. My first instinct is always - she’s strong. She will be fine. But life has taught me to be more empathetic now. So I am more sensitive towards her emotions and allow her to be scared and fearful and agree with her that I will be ok soon. She insists on repeating - very soon.
So if you’re scared and frustrated with current Covid situation, that’s ok. It is scary and it is frustrating. Our bodies, hearts and emotions are also on a roller coaster ride like our beautiful Earth. It is also going through cleansing process like our world. So, whatever is happening, let us accept, do what we can to be safe and better manage, and allow ourselves to just be.
Here’s to Hope & Faith."

You can find Blo Homewood on instagram @blo_homewood.

Do you have a Mom business owner you’d like to nominate? Email us at!

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